Live a Charmed Life… with Daykeeper’s Premium Forecast Package

Enjoy Life More with Astrology!

Daykeeper founder Maya del Mar’s life work was sharing the benefits and insights of astrology. In her own life, she used astrology proactively to plan her actions to have the greatest ease, best possible outcome, and greatest positive impact.

Everyone who knew Maya relied upon her for advice, from the best day to have surgery, to whether this person, place or job was the right one, to when to take a trip. She was always, amazingly, right!

She saw astrology as part of a global consciousness movement, and she felt called to share the deep insights of the ancient art of astrology to help everyone live more freely, more happily, more easily, and in more conscious harmony with natural and cosmic energies.

Our Mission for You

We are carrying on Maya’s mission with the best forecast on the net today, by our own Terry Lamb.

As a Premium subscriber, you will have access to the entire daily forecast in full before the first of each month—no more week-by-week dribs and drabs. And the daily forecast is just one of several complimentary forecasts that will be available to you, each created with the skill, depth, integrity and insight that are Daykeeper’s trademark. You’ll be able to take full advantage of these incredible forecasts to plan your activities, and to reflect upon future energetic directions and goals.

What You’ll Receive

As a Daykeeper Premium Forecast subscriber, every month you receive:

  • Terry Lamb’s Daily Success Guide for the entire month—everyday advice for flowing with the astrological energies most likely to affect our moods and actions each day of the month.
  • Terry Lamb’s Planetary Overview for the month as a whole, with an overview of long-term cycles, the energetic challenges they offer, and strategies for constructively meeting them.
  • Daykeeper’s Travel Advisory—a invaluable companion and guide to planning smooth, successful trips, whether across town or across the globe.
  • Daykeeper’s VOC Moon chart—an at-a-glance monthly graphic showing the exact times when it’s best to kick back and not begin new undertakings, trips, or significant acts.
  • Maya’s Retrograde Guide—a handy printable annual chart offering Maya’s meditative suggestion for working with each planetary retrograde cycle.
  • For monthly recurring and annual subscribers – no ads whatsoever!

Together, this is a very special package filled with the predictive genius that only astrology can offer.

With these amazing aids to achieving freedom, consciousness, and joy at your fingertips, why blunder, flounder, or agonize through your days any more than absolutely necessary? Instead, become a Daykeeper Premium Forecast Subscriber… and lead your charmed life!

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