Original Chaos

Jeffrey Dahmer, John Lennon, and Abraham Lincoln illustrate the spectrum of possibilities offered by Kuiper Belt Object Chaos.

Thumbnail image for Black Hole Case Study: The BP Blowout Disaster

Will the gulf return to normal? Alex examines the galactic connnections.

Thumbnail image for Galactic Profile: Elena Kagan

Alex analyzes the chart of Elena Kagan, judicial wild card

Thumbnail image for Benedict XVI and Father Murphy

What’s behind the Pope’s singular silence and inaction on sexual abuse in the Church?

Thumbnail image for Galactic Profile: John Edwards Revisited

John Edwards, revealed by black hole astrology as the politician too good to be true.

Thumbnail image for The Astrology of December’s Terrorist Bombings

Two bombing attempts, one a spectacular failure, the other an under-reported success.

Thumbnail image for Galactic Profile: Lawrence King

Alex looks at the charts of gay teenager Lawrence King and his killer, Brandon McInerny

Thumbnail image for The Incredibly Galactic Adventures of Balloon Boy and State Dinner Girl

Alex probes the astrological mechanisms of two prominent hoaxes.

The Fort Hood Shootings

by Alex Miller on December 1, 2009

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Asteroids, black holes, quasars and masers in Nidal Hasan’s chart shed extraordinary light on the Fort Hood killer.

Thumbnail image for Eris Conjunct the USA Chiron: Irritating Old Wounds

As racist rhetoric and political discord flare in the US, can Eris be to blame?