seven day week

A book Maya left on her shelf brings unique insight into the culture of time.

Thumbnail image for Asteroids Damocles and Nessus: Our Difficult Time

Nessus and Damocles, two ill-behaving mythological figures whose namesake asteroids are making life difficult.

Thumbnail image for The Naughty Bits, Part I: Eros

Asteroid Eros, significator of desire… and devastation.

Thumbnail image for Typhon, Damocles, Sisyphus: When Is “Bad” Really Bad?

Boots Hart: how three asteroids with scary-sounding names enhance our understanding of ourselves

Thumbnail image for The Astrology of Eros and Psyche: Falling in Love with Our Minds

The astrology of Psyche—forging our own humanity through painful lessons.

Thumbnail image for Ixion: Our Conflict of Self

Boots Hart, CAP, explores the astrological significance of the Kuiper Belt Object, Ixion

Thumbnail image for Saturn-Moon-Phoebe: Ties Which Twine, Bind, and Remind

Saturn’s newly discovered giant ring—what does it mean, astrologically? Boots Hart leads an in-depth exploration.

Thumbnail image for Confronting Fear with Truth: The Meaning of Asteroid Medusa

The myth of the gorgon and the meaning of asteroid Medusa.