Crystal's Moon Meditations

Ground Your Potential In Audacious Action at the Taurus Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2009

Crystal's moon ritual and meditation, full moon rising

Sun is in Scorpio, accentuating all that is deep, intense and transformative. The intensity is optimized as the Moon—ruler of daily life and emotions—has become full in a fixed cross, an aspect allowing for great will-power and strength. The other players in this strong configuration are the Sun, lord of will and purpose, Mars, planet of action, and Jupiter, god of expansion.

The current lunar cycle began with a New Moon in Libra, inviting us to focus inward and prayerfully synchronize with divine justice. Today’s stars invite us to complement that peaceful state and ground our potential, mustering the courage and focus for initiatives until now relegated to the attic of dreams. The following ceremony is designed to empower that intention.

Adorn Your Altar or Sacred Corner with Symbols of the Fall Portal:

  • Pumpkins or raw pumpkin seeds
  • Flowers and candles in shades of purple, orange, yellow and/or white
  • Cinnamon or another spicey incense
  • Apple cider

Also have on hand:

  • A pendant you consider symbolic of power –or– pumpkin seeds you have soaked in water overnight to be strung as a necklace, along with string and a needle.
  • Pen and page.

Fall Empowerment Ceremony

1. Light the incense, saying something like:

I call on the Angel of New Life, that she may bless my will and focus, directing them in initiatives that empower my confidence, self-esteem and projects.

2. Light the candle, saying:

This light evokes the transforming radiance of autumn that now lights the way within, guiding me to recall and bring forth my strength to move courageously on a vision of greater good.

3. Write one to three actions that relate to your dreams or ideals, initiatives that you have considered but have so far failed to move on, for a lack of focus, decision or courage. The goals may be subtle –like healing self-esteem or making a treasure map for a major goal– or external: calling on a key person, going through a bureaucratic hurdle, or implementing a daily schedule for some special endeavor.

4. The Angel of New Life is present and ready to assist you in this and any other process requiring inner strength. Take a moment to close your eyes and see her, as well as any other guides that may be present to support you. (In my prayer group people saw various angels and power animals.)

6. Ask each one what energy it brings and mentally receive the gift.

7. This step is for those who chose to make the pumpkin seed necklace suggested above: do so now, sensing the life power contained in the seeds with your finger tips as you string each one.

8. Hold your talisman, the necklace or pendant, in your hands as you call on the angels and guides that appeared in Step 4.

9. Ask your spirit helpers to bless you and your talisman with decision, focus, courage and whatever other gift you need to break through resistance to resurgence.

10. Repeat words like those that follow during seven minutes or more.

I am not alone in my desire to act effectively. The Divine Helper and Its representatives are with me, assisting me in any way that’s necessary to move ahead with focus and courage. I allow myself to do my part, whether or not I’m sure of my steps, in the faith that the Divine Helper uses my disposition to clear my way to consolidated results here and now.

Keep this affirmation, along with your notes from the above ceremony, on hand from now until the next New Moon. Refer to your projected actions and notes each morning on rising, and repeat the affirmation during seven minutes.

These are dates of power, when Earth and Sky invite us bring forth our deeper capacities. To accept the invitation requires that we interrupt the incessant stream of habitual activity and provoke a pause for sacred reflection. May this lunation mark a watershed as you do whatever is necessary to recover your legacy of courage and ground the vision that moves you.


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