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Seed a Better World at the Full Moon in Libra

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 29, 2010

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The Full Moon of March is called the Seed Moon. In synchronicity with sprouts now breaking through husks underground, we can more easily cut through fears and other blocks to new beginnings. This portal favors a particular kind of endeavor.

Mahatma Gandhi is part of its special purpose, as shown by more than one interesting synchronicity with this living model of personal congruence and effective social improvement. First of all, Luna is in the same degree as his natal Sun. The links do not stop, or rather, start there, but culminate a chain of connections between this special soul and the year that started at the Winter Solstice. Saturn in the Solstice chart was conjunct Gandhi’s Sun, while Mars was exactly conjunct his Moon. In that same chart, the Sun of Gandhi’s most famous follower, Martin Luther King, Jr., was conjunct the North Node. The first eclipse of the New Year, on January 15, was exactly on King’s Sun.

What could all these convergences signify? Their reemergence at this portal would seem to confirm a special message from Gandhi’s legacy for this phase of our development, reminding us that our seed energy is not just for temporal and selfish concerns. The company of angels he incarnated with is opening our way to success in new projects that focus on world improvement.

Further light is gleaned in the context of the Mexica Year 11 Rabbit that began last week. It is also a cycle for new beginnings, but these are most propitious when based on an acquired ability, as we explained in our two most recent articles for Daykeeper. The suggestions below integrate pagan, astrological and metaphysical knowledge to intend in tune with this Seed Moon’s magic.

Prayerful Altar-ations

  • Light green candle (use white or yellow if you can’t get green)
  • Light floral incense
  • A small branch with buds
  • A ceramic or glass container with water
  • Wild flowers
  • Wild flower seeds
  • A page and writing implement for each participant

Seed Moon Ritual

1. Sprinkle water in a circle around your prayer space. (If you are able to get the budding branch, use it for this. If not, use your fingers.)

2. Light your candle, saying,

The light of new growth fills my mental and physical space, and I am ready to bring forth an offering on behalf of the planet.

3. Light your incense as you say,

This is an offering for the Angel of Focus and Zadquiel, Archangel of Transmutation, whose help I (we) request so that I may select and follow through on my intention to something new to improve the planet.

4. Each participant writes a way in which they will improve the planet. The scale may be humble or grand, but should take into account from our existing abilities and field of operation. Some examples from my prayer group included:

(From a mother:)  “I will acquire and share more books and movies that nurture and stimulate my child’s idealistic and loving nature.”

(From a woman healing from cancer:) “I will work with children with cancer and teach them affirmative prayer.”

“I will pray so that human beings will receive the light to respect and love nature.”

5. Distribute a small amount of flower seeds to each participant.

6. Each one holds the seeds in their fist and sends the intention they chose in the previous step into the seeds.

7. Repeat three times, slowly and with attention:

The entire universe responds to my intention, resources become available, circumstances are facilitated and the way is clear for the successful manifestation of my intent.

8. Put the seeds in your wallet, in an envelope or a folded napkin so that you can later toss them into an open area or park.

Keep your written intent in view so that you remember to come through during the next several days. The affirmation can be repeated at least six minutes daily to reinforce your receptivity to the help that is even now flowing to support your inner activist.

What contribution do we want to make to the patch of Earth’s garden that is ours to tend? By asking, and answering questions like these at this portal, we become receptive to the invisible help of those brave souls and angels who have proven that it is not only possible but absolutely necessary to use our brief time here to plant flowers of beauty, justice, love and truth. Affirmative prayer and committed action complete the miracle that is even now pushing through the fertile ground of our souls, minds and bodies.

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Jude Cowell March 31, 2010 at 8:13 am

Wow, Crystal – Seed Moon, Gandhi, and MLK blended with your helpful insights!

Thanks for linking to SO’W and for putting me in such exalted company (including your own)!

Hope your 2010 is going well so far, Jude

Crystal April 2, 2010 at 4:24 pm


Nice to connect in the non-space of our work.
I’ve been feeling Ghandi ever since noting the connections to the Winter Solstice chart, and was impressed to see your homage to MLK at the January 15th Eclipse. I don’t tend to venerate those who have passed before us, but can’t help imagining light warriors like these must now be working -from whatever dimension they might happen to be in- to wake up and sustain humanity. I pray to receive some of their clarity and strength.

donna hughes April 5, 2010 at 8:02 am

Im doing my first circle ever tonight and thank you for help

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