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Equinox New Moon in Pisces—Move from Fantasy to Action

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 15, 2010

equinox new moon in pisces, march 2010

According to the native Mexica tradition, of all the New Moons, the one preceding Spring Equinox has the greatest seeding power. This year it is in Pisces, offering a fertile union of outward and inward energies. Though the sign is often passive, the larger astrological context is one of assertion: The Chinese Year of The Metal Tiger is strongly yang, a cycle of audacity and change. From the western perspective, the most active signs—those of the cardinal modality—prevail throughout 2010.

The Sun is poised to detonate the especially dynamic Aries point at Spring Equinox, when we will also be entering the Mexica New Year of 11 Rabbit. Contrary to the stereotype of the cuddly bunny, this archetype of feminine fertility is actually a self-possessed, alert and hardy survivor.

As for the number 11, it intensifies the Piscean elements of the portal: mysticism, spiritual vision and imagination. This so-called master number can have pitfalls, and they, too, have something fishy about them, such as escapism and delusion.

This portal can help us integrate two often disparate abilities: to dream and to impel, retrieving our best ideas from the realm of fantasy and pressing ahead with fruitful action. The angelic meditation and affirmations we share below are designed to clarify such initiatives and bless their results. They also include a lovely Mexica flower consecration that was replaced by the Catholic practice of Ash Wednesday after the Spanish conquest.

Altar-ations for the Pisces New Moon

  • Fragrant, white or yellow flowers and/or flower essence
  • Candles in shades of white, purple and red, for purity, imagination and action
  • Jasmine incense
  • Matches
  • A pen and journal or loose pages
  • Amethyst

Pisces New Moon Ritual

1. Light your candles saying:

My abilities to act and to dream are brought to light and joined at this lunation. Spirit now guides and strengthens me to stop fantasizing and get moving on my inspiration.

2. Light your incense, saying:

This is an offering for the Angel of Achieving Will Power, the Angel of Effective Action and the Angel of Focus. I request your assistance to unblock my capacity to act on my creative ideas and dreams.

3. Take a moment to visualize myriad angels filling your space.

4. Take a few drops of flower essence, or crush some flower petals, with your fingertips.

5. Rub the fragrance in a gentle circle on your forehead as you say,

This is an offering for you, Divine-Earth Mother, with whom I reconcile and connect before moving through the Equinox portal. You who bring forth flowers, fruits, and other miracles, give me the strength to move with you from fantasy to manifestation.

6. Make a list of creative ideas you have been able to move on in the past, and take a moment to acknowledge your capacity.

7. List no more than 4 projects you dream of manifesting but have so far mainly relegated to the realm of fantasy.

8. Repeat the following affirmation during at least 6 minutes:

The Same Mind that knows what inner and outer resources I need to move on and manifest these projects also knows how to bring those resources forth, and is doing this through Its infinite channels and with Its almighty means now.

The world needs ideals, idealists need to move, movement requires divine connection to produce magical results. This lunation opens a singular window to integrate our subtlety and brazenness, facilitating fruitfulness in these dynamic times. Persistence is the godmother of effective action: make a point of starting each day of this lunar month by looking at the projects you listed above and then repeating the affirmation during at least 6 minutes. Not only will this empower your activity, it will prepare you for the entrance to the Mexica Year 11 Rabbit (whose alchemy is coming soon to Daykeeper). Meanwhile, may we hold the torch of prayer, keep moving and receive the flood of blessings that pour upon us now and every day of our existence.

References & Resources

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Wisdom from Native Mexican teachings from Maestro Xolotl.

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