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Awaken the World to Your I AM Magic at the Grand Cross Eclipse Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 29, 2010

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, June 25, 2010

At each Full Moon there is a river of love, light and power that streams toward us… [It offers] an opportunity to attain a new level of consciousness. —Torkum Saraydarian

This Full Moon culminates the electrifying configuration of a grand cross, a highly tense and yet mystical aspect that has been building in the sky. The last Full and New Moons also activated this pattern, as did the chart for the Summer Solstice. The excitement grows at this portal as both Sun and Moon fill out the cross, in opposition to one another and tight T-square to powerhouse Pluto; a lunar eclipse adds further intensity to the portal.

Daykeeper founder Maya Del Mar mentioned this configuration in lectures she gave (that I organized and translated for her) in Mexico City. She considered it key to the energies that will unfold from now through 2015, bringing great change to social structures planet-wide. Maya describes some of these influences in her article The Road to 2012, as do our last two lunar meditations. She wrote:

… enormous changes in the world are coming very soon. NOW is the time for us to prepare to participate positively in the dynamic process of evolution—spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. There truly is very little time. We are, in fact, fortunate to live in such an intense period of tremendous challenges, and tremendous opportunities. This is our chance to create a new and better world.

It’s interesting to note Maya’s call for each of us to participate in these celestial cycles. Although her writing focused on predictive, political and psychological astrology, she was versed in many topics, including metaphysical principles, and those who knew her personally can confirm that she valued the difference that illumined individuals can make in collective processes on all levels.

Dervish master Torkum Saraydarian says it from the perspective of esoteric astrology:

A disciple is a living and conscious member of the body of humanity… Not only is s/he affected by the state of that humanity, s/he affects humanity by her thoughts and actions… The [astrological] energies that flow to us help us to advance in our evolution or to face continual crisis depending on our relationship with those energies…

What does this have to do with the cardinal cross? Esoterically, it relates to the mantra I AM, a power that this lunation invites us to develop as we prepare for and meet the opportunities and challenges of our era. Considered a magical phrase since ancient times, the words I AM can increase our powers of manifestation (another esoteric expression of this cross) and have come to play an important role in contemporary metaphysics. Emma Curtis Hopkins, “forgotten founder of New Thought”, was decisive in this evolution. Known as an erudite “teacher of teachers” (whose disciples included the founders of Unity, Divine Science and Science of Mind), Hopkins wrote these words a century ago:

The Name I AM, addressed to the Highest, awakens the spirit of authority, majesty, undefeatable courage… [a certain man] in deepest humility… heard the words Ahmi Yot Ahmi –I AM THAT I AM– [he] became ruler of a kingdom and founder of the Wisdom of the Magi… he had touched… that name that is the key to the mysteries of the universe…

Many teachers since Hopkins propose meditating on the words I AM or I AM THAT I AM, to precipitate spiritual epiphanies and healing of soul, mind and circumstances. Besides its archetypal associations with deity, this mantra awakens us to our own existence, accelerating all that implies: life, love, power and awareness itself. A growing number of people have learned the importance of what Ponder calls “using your I AM powers upwards”, by adding the adjectives we wish to emphasize, in affirmations such as: I am healthy, happy and financially successful.

An echo has reached us through the millennia: “I am the resurrection and the life.” A hundred years ago, Hopkins affirmed, The triumphing I AM is not vitally promulgated… because people are more receptive to the defeatist opposite. How many more centuries or eons will humanity waste postponing the opportunity for a self-empowered existence? The Grand Cross of this lunation can be a crossroads. It coincides with changes in financial, climate and political structures, changes that pressure us to discover a Higher kind of security than that offered by outer points of reference.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A red and/or white candle
  • Red and/or white carnations, honeysuckle
  • A cross (use a pendant, draw one, or go over the cardinal cross of a blank chart wheel in purple)
  • Your favorite incense

1. Light the incense, knowing it is an offering for Zadquiel, Archangel of Transformation, and the Angel of I AM.

2. Tell these angels you are ready to commit to connecting your I AM powers with the Most High.

3. Light the candle, saying, I AM awakening to the light of I AM, that streams toward Earth from the bright moon, filling my space and mind and guiding me to connect with its power to choose.

4. Repeat affirmations like those that follow, especially designed to magnify the rays of this portal, during at least 15 minutes:

I am the gateway for divine love in action.

I am the faith that a Higher Power is producing greater good through all personal and planetary changes.

I am the courage to do something different today, despite my fears or inertia.

I am a victorious expression of the divine, which knows exactly what to do through me and around me with success, purpose and harmony.

I am the power to collaborate in a valuable way for the divine plan that’s unfolding through me and around me.

I am the power to envision and manifest a golden era for the bees, the trees, the children and the entire web of life on this beloved planet.

I am the light that guides me to participate with courage, success and meaning in the blessing of this time.

I am connected with all who are aware that we are victorious, divine beings; our connection grows and our victories multiply as I recall this now.

Deepen the roots of your I AM power by repeating such affirmations along with any compatible ones that arise. Do this for at least ten minutes daily, visualizing as you do so the conditions you describe, during at least 28 days. Inner alchemy requires discipline, but every True word we say, every upward centering of the mind, opens us to rivers of light and makes the way a bit surer. As Maya’s wisdom lives on to remind us, we can discover the opportunities within the challenges of our times. After finding the jewel of our spiritual self-image in the present portal, may we seize the moment and polish it persistently in the workshop of our hearts, until its radiance touches the entire planet and shines back to the very stars who guide us.

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Shirley Catenacci July 5, 2010 at 12:22 pm

Dear Crystal,

I wish that you would include an astrology chart with your articles.


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