Boots Hart's Astro Overview

Boots Hart’s July 2010 Astro Overview

by Boots Hart, CAP on July 1, 2010

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July continues the march of change, though when it comes to the emotional weather, we’re in for showers of uncertainty. Why? Well, look at it this way: people are great at talking about how change is needed. And how they want it. But when the moment to change actually shows up? Oh how we kvetch!

And yet Uranian change is upon us. If we cooperate, participate and innovate, we will discover new ways to create gain. When we resist or insist on having things our way? Then Uranus signals disruption…even self-destruction. Being willing to flex when/where situations ask you to venture outside your comfort zones? That’s essential. Being honest enough to admit what you can do and don’t know how to do—also important. Rigidity and being closed off to new ways—that’s the enemy.

As July begins, Sun and Mercury in the second (emotional) decanate of Cancer signal emotional focus on basics. Meanwhile, Mars’ position in the (emotional) second decan of hard-working, function-oriented Virgo tells us that pragmatic productivity and the sensible approach pays off well. Things to avoid? Getting caught up in endless details or allowing yourself to get drawn off track.

Bearing in mind what your capacities and resources are is also important as Venus is just moving into the third decan of Leo (degrees 20-29) and plans already in the works now play out—a process which continues through July 10. During this time, expect to be aware of a need to move on to other things, too; with Uranus and Jupiter united in particularly proactive degrees of “I Am” sign Aries, there’s much to do—and many a plus and minus in play.

How so? Well, Jupiter can represent happiness, learning/learning better and finding the path to a goal. But it can also symbolize the bull-headed need to be right, sometimes despite proof to the contrary!

So when we put this with Uranus (the archetypal symbol of ongoing change) we can get innovation and cures—or anarchy and negative righteousness. Will you work to be free or manifest an urge to rebel? Will you accept the rights of others to be “different but equal”? Or try to inflict your preferences, foisting them on others, asking/forcing them to foot costs, literally or figuratively? Rights noble and ignoble now rise to the fore, producing brilliant insights and just as determined blindness. So expect as much promotion of universality as abandonment of social/societal responsibility.

With Saturn is in late Virgo for most of the month, life now asks whether we will or won’t work to make things function or functional and whether we are thinking only personally or globally. There’s a lot of helplessness going around, but are we really helpless? Once Saturn moves into Libra towards the end of the month, fur will fly as people get called out on stuff. Things which have gone (pretty much) unnoticed will suddenly get big reactions and responses. Saturn in Libra can be the soul of responsibility. It can also symbolized getting called down on bad behavior. The good news is that since this is Saturn, and since with Saturn’s move into Libra will also come a time to repent, repair and change one’s ways, now is the time to recognize what needs changing.

This “shift” begins getting stirred up (sort of like mud on the bottom of a pond) as Uranus goes retrograde at 0 Aries on July 5. As a degree, 0 Aries concerns the polarities of indignant righteousness against militant determination with the question being whether you’re working from a base of honor or ego. Getting away with murder (literal or figurative) is part of the figure as asteroid Lust passes through 2 Aries, a degree known for lack of follow-through. And just so you know—as a celestial object, Lust isn’t just sexual: this is more about obsession and fixation than relationships per se.

So as Uranus stations to go retrograde, will this be a moment of…. Read the remainder of Boots’ Monthly Astrological Overview—plus the rest of the Prediction Package that’s ONLY available to Premium subscribers—with a Premium Subscription, just $5.95 per month.

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