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Daykeeper Journal’s Daily Success Guide, September 2010

by Terry Lamb on September 1, 2010

Daykeeper Journal Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, September 2010

Astrological Forecast, September 2010

Great power lies within this moment in earth history, our history. Whenever systems break down, as they have been doing around the world, an opportunity to reinvent our place in society presents itself. We can take on a leadership role or retire disguised to a small town. The planets have been configured in a close-knit interaction in the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), the renowned cardinal cross.

Although this pattern continues in September, its pressure on us is abating. Uranus and Jupiter, two big players in this pattern, have slipped back into dreamy Pisces for the time being. They have been dancing together since the late winter, and in the process they will make three conjunctions, the first of which occurred (at 1 Aries) on June 8.

The second of these conjunctions occurs this month, at 28°43′ Pisces on September 14. The gentler energy of Pisces takes us back to our experiences from mid-January through May, when we felt an infusion of awakening (rather than the jolts we’ve received with the Aries energy since June). The energies will flow more smoothly again now, but that doesn’t take away from the revelatory experiences that we will continue to have as these planets complete their interaction through next January.

Jupiter and Uranus are in the spotlight now for a second reason, greatly increasing their potency in our lives: they reach the halfway point in their yearly interaction with the Sun, which began February 28 (Jupiter) and March 17 (Uranus). This culmination occurs on September 21 for each planet, bringing a peak in our processes of opening to inner reality. We can expect illuminations to come to us, opening our eyes to new solutions, new paths, new truths.

There are two focal points this month. The first will be September 12–21, emphasizing the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Most of the planetary events of September happen then, and they bring us what we’ve been waiting for (or at least the next step in their corresponding situations). With things governed by Jupiter-Uranus, this will be the “full” point, halfway through their processes. Where shorter-term circumstances are concerned however, we are in completion mode.

Both Mercury and Pluto go direct (return to apparent forward motion) during this time, on September 12 and 13 respectively. If something transformative in your life took a sudden (but necessary) left turn at the beginning of April, this now has the opportunity to straighten out and move where you thought it was going then, but with modifications. Look for these to be finalized (and perhaps enter a new year of transformation) by Christmas Day.

Since Mercury put us on a three-week retreat (since August 20), we now get to see the benefits of our inner process—and industriousness. Whatever your accomplishments, they will feed your experiences for the next three months.

Venus’s beauty dazzles us at this time in her cycle, shining as she does in the evening sky after sunset. This is the signal that she is about to enter her six-week retrograde period. There is a build-up of energy (that can result in tension) that started even before August 20 with respect to our relationships of all sorts. This will not be completely resolved until next May, but for the remainder of this year, we will be reworking our agreements and commitments to all those close to us. By observing our relationship interactions in September, we get a big heads-up on what’s coming when she retrogrades starting on October 8.

There is another focal point in September, which is not to be underestimated. This comes September 22–30. During this time, we get a revisitation of the cardinal experiences we had in May–August, and we see how they are the seeds for a process of (re)construction that starts now with Saturn’s yearly cycle. Because of its position in Libra, the processes will emphasize finding balance, especially in our relationships. We have to make a decision now—or we feel like we must: Sun reaches Pluto, the Nodes, and then Saturn to bring things to a turning point. September will satisfy our need for completion, even as it opens new the doors to new adventures. There are two themes, innovation and relationships. Relationships are the area of life where our growth proceeds the fastest. Some say our true (inner) wealth can be measured in terms of our relationships—how well we connect with others and create good will. Financial wealth comes and goes, but our relationship wealth can always be relied on.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Daily Astrological Forecast, September 2010

Wednesday September 1

As the Sun and Mercury head toward their conjunction (with Mercury retrograde), the Moon in Gemini adds spice, but not without first getting a little support from our dream world experiences. If we can remember to add patience to the recipe, our solutions will come from some knowing place inside us today. At 10:22 am, the Moon squares the Sun to bring the Last Quarter Moon and perhaps a crisis of disappointment. With Mercury retrograde we have to wait for our situations to “cook” a little longer. They’re not done all the way through until after September 13.

In Washington DC, the lunar event occurs at 1:22 pm and places Mercury retrograde at the degree of the Midheaven. This impacts the perception of President Obama, and he may be caught in a communications wrangle that has him apologizing even if he is not at fault. This will result in a revelation of something that needed to be uncovered, having to do with the influence of other nations on our domestic situation.

The Sabian Symbol for 10 Gemini is, “An airplane dives toward the earth as though falling.” It may appear as though a disaster is about to happen somewhere in your life, but this is not the case. Whatever appears to be true is only a small percentage of the whole story. Don’t get lost in the surface manifestation, because much is hidden right now. Sometimes we have to trust what we know of a person’s integrity rather than their behavior at any given point, since we can never know everything that they are basing their decisions on.

Thursday September 2

Harmonies rule today, but not if we don’t take advantage of them. Trines abound as the Moon finds its way through Gemini, making these soothing contacts to those courting partners, Mars and Venus. The Moon finishes its stay in this communicative sign by lifting us up on wings of possibility as it trine Neptune and Chiron, then startling us awake with a square to Uranus. The latter contact occurs at 10:50 pm, to bring a brief void-of-course period that lasts until it enters Cancer at 11:50 pm.

Friday September 3

The Moon in cardinal-sign Cancer triggers our need to act when it connects with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn to create a cardinal grand cross that dissipates by mid-morning. After this, the intensity of our experiences goes down considerably, because Jupiter re-enters Pisces next week, before the Moon makes this kind of contact again. Our dreams may be restless, but they will inform our actions during the day. If you find yourself taking intuitive or instinctual action, this may be your dream wisdom speaking through you. Mercury and Sun conjoin at 10°55′ Virgo to turn our attentions to the three months ahead of us, instead of looking back. What are your plans? The Moon harmonizes with Mercury and Sun late in the day to support our insights.

Saturday September 4

We can dream about how our relationships are growing, but the gap between visible and invisible reality is evident today. Emotions run high, but remember that today is a snapshot in an on-going process. Allow yourself to feel and express what you need to, but you can choose how you go about it and whom you share your feelings with.

Sunday September 5

Life feels easier today, as the Moon makes only smooth, flowing contacts today. First she trines Uranus, her last contact from Cancer before a brief void period from 1:31–2:45 am (although in this sign she still performs). Then she enters Leo to bring a more playful spirit out of us as she trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn. A Venus trine to Chiron permits a healing response to yesterday’s events.

Monday September 6

We’ll continue in our playful spirit as we enjoy our last holiday of the summer and the Leo Moon sextiles Mars. Late in the day we become more injury- and accident-prone when the Moon opposes Neptune and Chiron.

Tuesday September 7

Our dreams reveal the hidden wisdom we have gained through our most significant relationships. Even if we don’t remember them, we will carry this forward into the day. There Moon goes void of course at 1:17 am, until it enters Virgo at 2:53 am. This sets us up for a day of pondering the meaning of life a little more deeply than usual, as Moon sextiles Pluto and conjoins our still-retrograde Mercury.

Wednesday September 8

The Virgo Moon reaches the Sun at 3:30 am, marking the New Moon and the start of a new lunar month. This comes after the realizations of Friday (the 3rd) and yesterday (the 7th), with many more related developments to unfold over the coming two weeks. At 8:45 am, Venus enters Scorpio, while Jupiter returns to Pisces at 9:51 pm. With these two planets in water signs, we now have greater access to our emotional states and can release them more easily.

In Washington DC, the chart of the New Moon puts Mercury, Moon, and Sun on the Ascendant, showing an emphasis on the image that the people of the US have of themselves and their nation (as well as what others see in us). There may be a shift in consciousness to a less self-centered awareness. We may become more humanitarian and helpful as a society. There are events in other countries which trigger this dynamic. The financial markets are about to go through another tremor.

The New Moon’s Sabian Symbol (16 Virgo) is, “Delighted children crowd around the orangutan cage in a zoo.” When we look at others whom we expect to be unlike us, we often discover that they are not so different. If we bring our innocence to bear, we will carry less judgment and be better able to enjoy our circumstances and relate with equanimity.

Thursday September 9

The Moon leaves Virgo with a bang as it opposes Uranus and Jupiter in the wee hours. Something may awaken you from your sleep, or your dreams may be more vivid and active. New insights are sure to trickle into consciousness in the coming months, as these planets seed the New Moon cycle. The Moon is void of course for two minutes (1:59–2:01 am), when it enters Libra. It encounters Pluto and Saturn to bring out a new perspective on the challenges we’ve been working with since last November. You will feel a drive to break through obstacles today—you’re ready for them to be gone from your life, but don’t let that push you into rash behavior. There’s a slow developmental process as well, that is best left to itself. Mars trines Neptune today, showing the possibilities from harmonious action.

Friday September 10

Mars connects the dots when it trines Chiron, carrying energy from Neptune to enhance our continuing deep healing process. The Moon augments this by echoing these contacts, then conjoining Mars before it leaves Libra. It enters its void period at 10:16 pm, giving us more than the usual recent down time, until 2:21 am tomorrow.

Saturday September 11

The Moon enters mysterious Scorpio at 2:21 am, supporting opportunities for balance in our lives by sextiles to Pluto and Mercury. Both these planets are at a standstill now, about to go forward after their retrogradation. When the Moon reaches them, she is at their midpoint and forms a minor grand trine. We will reach a deeper understanding of what life has been about for the past 8 months, and we will want to respond by making plans. Feelings and intellect intermingle, and we reach a better balance than before. We are ready to move forward, with well-integrated wisdom to charge our activities for the rest of the year.

Sunday September 12

Venus augments our process of inner growth when she sextiles a powerful, nearly stationary Pluto. We see how to introduce necessary changes into our lives in order to fulfill what is most important to us now. A Moon sextile to the Sun gives us insights to use in growing our awareness in the coming month. Mercury returns to forward motion at 4:09 pm, thus to fade into the background of our consciousness once again for three months, although if we remember to listen our next retrograde will go better! A Moon square to Chiron and Neptune finishes the day on a note of disquiet. Allow what troubles you to come up from the deep—it’s less unsettling than you think when it is known to you.

Monday September 13

At 4:53 am, the Scorpio Moon goes void of course on trines to Uranus and Jupiter that fill our dreams with good-ending adventures. At 5:52 am, her entry into Sagittarius brings a square to Mercury to reveal minor notes of discord—the odd bill that was overlooked or the need to reorganize the office in order to be staged for your fall projects. Moon sextiling Saturn adds to our constructive industry. At 9:35 pm, Pluto is stationary direct, and we see even more deeply into our unconscious processes and what’s really important to us—what’s inwardly true.

Tuesday September 14

Another planet enters a water sign when Mars goes into Scorpio at 3:38 pm. The only other contact today occurs when the Sagittarius Moon makes its First Quarter square to the Sun at 10:50 pm/22°18′ Sagittarius, building energy toward next week’s Full Moon. Power builds toward the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus interaction, which the Moon picks up tomorrow and begins a week of awakening experiences. Now that both Mercury and Pluto have returned to forward motion, the energy of last month’s Full Moon will also be more fully expressed. It is sure to be a week to remember.

This is also true for our nation. In the chart cast for Washington DC (occurring at 1:50 am on the 15th), diplomacy wins the front page and makes some breakthroughs with recalcitrant governments. Saturn at the bottom of the chart reminds us that there are challenges at home, but the American people are responding in healthy ways. It also suggests that substantial storms threaten the Eastern Time Zone, although they turn out better than expected. The part of the economy driven by commerce is in the spotlight, and efforts are being focused there in order to put more people to work. These efforts are succeeding. Just as importantly, the public is placing more value on intangibles and less on finances.

The Sabian Symbol for 23 Sagittarius is, “A group of immigrants fulfilling the requirements for entering a new country.” There is hope in any situation, and a time of great newness is a time of great hope. When our lives are in flux, we have more opportunity to shift the structures in our lives because there are fewer of them.

Wednesday September 15

Moon finishes its stay in Sagittarius at 11:51 am, filling our morning with access to magnificent inner states as it sextiles Neptune and Chiron, then squares Uranus and Jupiter. Whatever we are awakening to and healing in our lives, we will have extra access to now. At 1:30 pm, the Moon enters Capricorn to end a brief and still usable void-of-course period. We feel even closer to the truth as sextiles to Scorpio Mars and a conjunction to Pluto take us deep inside. Moon bridges the growing gap between Mars and Venus when it sextiles Venus near midnight. Our feelings help us realize what others in our lives mean to us.

Thursday September 16

The Capricorn Moon brings us perhaps troubling dreams when it squares Saturn in the wee hours. However, a trine to Mercury at the same time shows us the solutions to our dilemmas, both dream state and “real”.

Friday September 17

It’s an earthy day as Capricorn Moon trines Virgo Sun. We’ll find practical solutions to what challenges us, and with sextiles to both Uranus and Jupiter, they’ll be innovative as well.

Saturday September 18

The energy of awakening has been a building wave in consciousness, and now that wave breaks and lands on the beach of our awareness as a feeling from within. Jupiter catches up with Uranus as they both retrograde through the late degrees of Pisces. One more major step has been completed in resolving our inner crisis of what-to-do: We’re going to take the path that is bold and daring—because it is the only one we can take. The other, known and more conventional, is like a suit that confines us, is worn and outdated. Now, to implement the newness! At 0:35, Moon enters community-oriented Aquarius. Squares to Mars and Venus over the day bring out our contrarian side. Maybe we don’t really want what we thought we wanted! But there’s also a voice of sanity and wisdom, with harmonious ties to Saturn and Pluto.

Sunday September 19

The Moon continues its sojourn through Aquarius, with no planetary contacts today. We can use this as a “catch-up” carte blanche day—do what you like!

Monday September 20

Moon leaves Aquarius on conjunctions to Neptune and Chiron, going void of course at 7:21 am. This brings us our longest void period in many weeks, giving us a morning off; the Moon does not go into Pisces until 1:15 pm. This opens us to a half-day of deepening awareness. Use your evening to plumb the depths of your consciousness, because it will be more open to you then, as Moon sextiles Pluto and trines Mars.

Tuesday September 21

Virgos get another year of excitement (just when they thought it was over): The Sun’s swan song in Virgo is a doozy, with its oppositions to Uranus and Jupiter, and it has colored our experience of the entire month with the excitement of the unexpected and innovative. Today’s energies spark an inventive peak in an inventive year. Use today to be alert to events as well as inner states. They were seeded earlier this year and hold the keys to our successes over the coming six months. The Pisces Moon is doing what it does best—being in the background, with only a trine to Venus and an opposition to Mercury to feed our awakening to the larger processes that are opening to us now.

Wednesday September 22

At 8:09 pm, the Sun enters Libra, following a day of energy building toward the Moon’s opposition to Jupiter and Uranus. This brings to us on a feeling level what we experienced in other aspects of consciousness over the past few days. With the Sun’s entry into Libra, our level of internal activation increases dramatically, since it immediately engages in the cardinal decision-point mentioned in the introduction. There’s not likely to be a need for action yet—until we are clear and at peace about what course to take. The Moon goes void of course at 10:52 pm.

Thursday September 23

At 1:47 am, the Moon enters Aries. So much has been revealed since last week’s First Quarter Moon, but there is much more to go! The Harvest Full Moon at 1 Aries/2:17am is also the point of full illumination, and we are at a critical point in our process, where the choices we make now will be with us in some way for a very long time. The energies will be intense today, giving us a strong urge to ACT. We will feel like “cutting away” something in our lives that doesn’t fit where we’re going. This feeling is impelled by the Moon’s contact with Pluto and Saturn, as well as the Full Moon. Over the rest of the lunar month, we will continue to fulfill their promise.

In Washington DC, the Full Moon chart places these contacts in the areas affecting finance and the markets, most likely prompted by actions taken in or by a foreign country. There are political changes afoot in the US Senate that are alarming some, but the outcome is not yet certain, no matter what the pundits say.

The degree of the Harvest Full Moon, 1 Aries, carries the Sabian Symbol, “A woman has risen out of the ocean; a seal is embracing her.” This brings to mind the Irish-Scots story of the Selkie, the seal-woman who is held captive as long as her sealskin is kept from her. Here, one imagines her with her mate, suggesting that our true mate comes to us from the mysterious realms of the hidden world and may not look like we picture them!

Friday September 24

We get a day free of contacts to integrate the intense energies of the Full Moon, as the Moon continues in Aries—thank you, universe!

Saturday September 25

The Moon’s sextiles to Neptune and Chiron finish its stay in Aries on a note of healing, opening its void period at 7:11 am. We are treated to some time for relaxation until 1:17 pm, when she enters the sign devoted to bringing beauty into the world—Taurus. The big energy of the day overshadows all else, as the Sun’s square to Pluto brings out the decision dilemma we’ve been building up to for many months. This is the opening salvo to a process that completes this phase on September 30.

Sunday September 26

Moon in Taurus brings our on-going relationship imbalances out again as it opposes Mars and Venus. We will tend to take a position and could get stuck there, where at other times we might be more flexible. Still, it brings to the foreground what we consider inviolable and hold to in our nature no matter what. Sometimes we have to hold firm.

Monday September 27

The Taurus Moon reaches a cluster of planets found late in their sign. A trine to Mercury brings a peaceful inner reconciliation of head/mind and heart/feeling, a prerequisite for all wise decisions. Our healing process is opened again with squares to Neptune-Chiron, bringing realizations that what we perceive doesn’t completely match what is happening in this moment—don’t get caught in appearances. Sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus help us find our way out of the labyrinth. The Moon enters its void of course period at 8:02 pm, but we can use this time for initiating action if we desire. At 11:10 pm, the Moon’s entry into Gemini opens us to more active social participation.

Tuesday September 28

Moon in Gemini makes two sublime harmonies today, trines to Sun and Saturn, both in Libra. Enjoy social connections—they will provide enduring benefits.

Wednesday September 29

The Moon in Gemini brings out a schism in our awareness, a place where what we say and do, think and feel, are not in agreement. This helps us with the big decision we’ve been mulling over these days.

Thursday September 30

Today is chock full of contacts. The Moon finishes its stay in Gemini at 3:36 am, when it goes void of course, but not before it livens up our dream state with contacts to Neptune, Jupiter, and Uranus. At 6:46 am, we can re-engage life when she enters Cancer, immediately activating Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes to continue our evolution through the situations highlighted last week. This stays with us for a week as the Moon squares the Sun at 8:52 pm/7°52′ Cancer to bring the Last Quarter Moon. The Sun also makes its conjunction to Saturn, commencing the yearly cycle where we develop new structures in our lives, especially focused in relationships.

With the Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus in water signs for this chart, a grand trine plays out over the next two days as well. This gives us an opportunity to create a healing space in our lives (relationships) to support the activation.

In Washington DC, the chart of this lunation focalizes the water grand trine. President Obama is looking good right now, as his compassion for others and concern for families comes through. He may be engaged in social pursuits that capture the hearts of the public, but he is also taking the long view in his decision-making processes. The strength of the people comes through in a time of need, providing support to those who have been hurt by recent storms or financial difficulties.

The Last Quarter Moon at 8 Cancer is associated with the Sabian Symbol, “A group of rabbits dressed in clothes and on dignified parade.” We can stretch our abilities to be more than we appear, as individuals and as a group or nation.

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Thanks so much for your kind words, Margaret. It makes the process more rewarding to know that it is a genuine support to readers like you. Many blessings, Terry

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