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Full Moon in Aries—Mexica Moon Magic to Awaken the Feminine Within

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 24, 2010

Autumn full moon ritual - connect with the inner feminine

Not all moons are created equal: when Luna becomes full after Fall Equinox, she is charged with the intensity of what is for some native cultures the most important change of seasons. One such people are the Mexica, whose oral tradition I’ve had the opportunity to study first-hand for the last several years while living south of the border.

Besides containing riches of its own—in astrology, mysticism and philosophy—this knowledge, which cannot be found in books, helps fill in some blanks in pagan traditions of Europe and other lands, where they were more “successfully” eradicated by cultural and religious conquest. The practice around this lunation is an example. For the Mexica it offers the most important of all lunar gifts: reconnection with and protection of the feminine. We have adapted the following Mexico Moon Mirror ceremony, related but not limited to the present portal.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A hand mirror
  • Pink and/or gold candle/s
  • An image of the sacred feminine: Kuan Yin, Amaratsu, the Virgin Mary, Venus or another of your preference
  • An image of Archangel Michael (guardian of the portals between dimensions)
  • Pomegranates, pumpkins and other seasonal fruits
  • Wild flowers, especially wild or Dutch roses if available
  • Sage or rose incense

1. Light your incense as you say:

This is an offering for the Sacred Feminine: Child, Maiden, Mother and Wise One, Whose presence reverberates throughout the Universe, including within me (us). I/we honor and call on You for assistance in developing your gifts of attraction, holding and elimination.

2. Light the candle/s as you say:

I invite the light of the Sacred Feminine to shine into my awareness, space and circumstance.

3. Turn out the lights and leave the candle burning.

4. With a notebook or page and pen on hand, look at yourself in the mirror (if there is more than one person, take turns), repeating for several minutes:

Sacred Feminine, please reveal yourself in me.

5. Write down any images or impressions that you received while doing this.

6. At night before going to bed, repeat the following affirmation for 7 minutes or more:

The Sacred Feminine expresses through me, receiving and holding good thoughts, vibrations and situations, and eliminating all which is not true to divine purpose.

7. After laying down in preparation for sleep, repeat Step 4.

8. Keep a notepad on hand to write the messages from dreams or, if you don’t remember them, your first impressions on waking.

After the initial ceremony, follow up by repeating steps 6 through 8 daily for the next two weeks.

The most important celebrations for the Mexicas focus on feminine energies: Fall Equinox (the original date for the Day of the Dead before the Catholic Church moved it to early November), and the Full Moon following it. Could it be mere coincidence that cutesy witches are the main vestige of Halloween symbolism? Lynne Anderson says that the holding power of the female is widely recognized by shamans. David Icke affirms that misogyny has its roots in the historic need to hold this power at bay, since it has the potential to free humanity from limitation and control.

The most exciting answers may arise from our own studies in consciousness. As we integrate ancestral teachings for this portal, we can acquire first-hand knowledge of just how the Sacred Feminine transforms our world when we join prayerful intent to the cycles of earth and sky.

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