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Casey Anthony Verdict: Not Guilty

by Alex Miller on July 9, 2011

Casey Anthony astrology and natal chart

Acquitted by a Clearwater, Florida jury on counts of first degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child on July 5, 2011, Casey Anthony was cleared of the charge that she murdered her two-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008. The case had become a cause celebre in the national media, in some ways paralleling the O.J. Simpson case from more than 15 years ago.



Most stunning from an astrological point of view was the Grand Cross then in effect, composed of Venus (female) at 1 Cancer, Uranus (accidents, shocks) at 4 Aries, Pluto (death) at 6 Capricorn conjunct asteroid Child at 4 Capricorn, and Tantalus (named for an ancient Greek mythic figure who killed his own child) at 3 Libra conjunct Saturn (trials, lawyers) at 10 Libra. Transit Jupiter (courts, judges, juries, justice) at 5 Taurus was conjoined by asteroid Antonia (#272, for Casey Anthony) at 2 Taurus, exactly squared Mercury (decisions, rulings) at 5 Leo and exactly sextile Chiron (maverick responses) at 5 Pisces, in trine to Pluto/Child.

Born 19 March 1986, Casey Anthony’s astrological birth chart has several indicators that murder might be a prominent feature in her life. TNO Ixion, named for the first murderer in Greek myth, at 20 Scorpio is conjunct asteroid Antonia at 17 Scorpio, opposed Tantalus at 16 Taurus, and squared asteroid Child at 22 Aquarius, which was conjoined by Damocles, the doom hanging overhead, at 21 Aquarius on the day of the verdict.

Natal Uranus is exactly sextile Child from 22 Sagittarius, an indicator that the death my have been accidental, but was likely violent, a circumstance reinforced by Mars conjoined Uranus from 25 Sagittarius. Mars/Uranus squares Anthony’s Sun at 28 Pisces, suggesting a volatile, violent, possibly murderous nature, and that Sun is conjunct asteroid Atropos at 26 Pisces and Mercury at 23 Pisces, combining her self-identity (Sun) with children (Mercury) and death (Atropos named for the Greek Fate who cut the thread of life at death).

Casey Anthony astrology of verdict and natal chart

Casey Anthony—astrology of the verdict (click on image for larger view)

When the verdict was read, transit Pluto/Child centered on her natal Neptune at 5 Capricorn, representing the confusion and deception patent in the trial and conflicting evidence (the prosecution’s star witness, Anthony’s mother, turned out to give evidence which undercut their case, and they were never able to identify the exact means of death). Natal Neptune was also exactly trine transit Jupiter and inconjunct transit Mercury for the verdict, with transit Chiron (maverick actions) at 5 Pisces conjunct natal Jupiter (justice) at 6 Pisces, itself in a perfect trine with natal Pluto at 6 Scorpio, suggestive of a judicial process involving a death.

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