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Release Subconscious Resistances to Kindness, by the Light of the Red Moon in Capricorn

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 15, 2011

Capricorn full moon, red moon, Mayan meaning

The July Full Moon has special importance in the Mayan calendar. Known as the Red Moon, it activates the theme of abundance that prevails in the Mayan year of Ocman, which began on May 19. I was fascinated to discover that the calendar connects this cycle to the current sun spot phenomenon, which it had predicted thousands of years ago.

I learned this from a colleague (in Mexico where I reside), an anthropologist and linguist who currently happens to be revising the translation of the Chilam-Balam, the Mayan creation story, going over the Spanish version with a native speaker and reader of Maya. The Spaniards describe our times as being under the influence of Guacamaya, a type of parrot—a mistranslation of the Quechua  word for sunspots.

The Mayans also foresaw the magnetic solar currents that would accompany this activity, and their effects in unusual weather patterns. In this ancient cosmology, the Sun is considered a sacred being, its churnings a divinely timed yet voluntary contribution to the spiritual processes leading up to Winter Solstice, 2012. The Red Moon (so called in relation to the native Mars calendar) plays a special role in this process. Its dynamic rays touch our lunar, emotional nature, helping us move through subconscious resistances in the will to kindness, and as we do, unleashing our cosmic path of success.

The following ceremony integrates contemporary and Mayan metaphysics to facilitate synchronization with this spectacular portal. My Mexico City prayer group did it last night, eliciting tears of joy as we felt the power surge.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • A candle, preferably red
  • Incense, preferably lavender and/or sage
  • Sunflowers or poppies


Light your incense, as you say,

This is an offering for the Solar and lunar angels, whom I invite to touch the deepest recesses of my subconscious and unconscious mind, to intervene in my emotional habits and instincts, so that my will to unconditional kindness may be complete, and my path to divine success empowered now.

Light the candle. Spend some moments pondering its rays as you speak and visualize as follows.

From this candle come angel-rays, reminding me of the Angels of the Living Sun that stream toward earth on the rays reflected by this Full Moon. As they shine into the dark recesses of the nightscape, their dynamic vibrations now touch the hidden, instinctual, unconsciousness areas of my being.

Repeat affirmations like those that follow three times, slowly and with attention.

I am not alone or without help to find freedom from any influence, tendency or habit that has limited my subconscious or unconscious congruence with Kindness. The dynamic rays of the Divine Heart shine throughout my being.

(Take a moment to visualize the rays of the sun, knowing that physical light is only one manifestation of the angel energy that radiates from the Sun and Moon. Then continue affirming and visualizing:)

These rays fill my depths, freeing me from unconscious resistances to good, such as toxic shame, sarcasm, judgmentalism, emotional blackmail of or by others, resentment, abuse of other beings, and the unconscious receptivity of others’ abuse of me. The solar and lunar angels and all the heavenly hosts participate in this liberation now, and they strengthen me in continuing to make whatever inner and outer adjustments are necessary to radiate in joyful congruence with my rebirth to the love and success that I truly am now.

For the Mayans, the cosmos and its cycles were not arbitrary occurrences, but partners in a dance of divine unfolding. The Mayan Sun burned with supernatural intelligence and will, and—for those who chose to receive it—the Moon could translate this power into earthlings’ most intimate, emotional patterns. Could it be only coincidence that allows you to receive this knowledge today, at the Red Moon portal? Find out for yourself as you affirm, invoke and visualize in ways like those previously suggested, at this portal and during at least 28 days. Assist the planet to a new vibration of good, as you unleash the kindness and success that lie waiting in the magical night of your being.

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John July 23, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Wish I would have read this before the full moon was past. Busy are the days lately. Nevertheless, I’ll wager that the Dali LLama would have loved this one! I certainly did and intend to keep it in mind all month long.

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