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Cleanse your Emotions and Bless World Waters at the Chaste Moon in Leo

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 7, 2012

Leo Full Moon, Chaste Moon Water Ceremony

 Although Luna becomes full in the fire sign of Leo, water is present in her symbolism and astrological context: it’s the first Full Moon of the Chinese year of the Water Dragon.

The Sabian symbol for the corresponding degree of Leo describes “A HOUSEBOAT PARTY;” while the one for the present degree of the Sun and Mercury—in the sign of the Water Bearer as they oppose this Moon—is, “A FOREST FIRE IS BEING SUBDUED BY THE USE OF WATER…”.

Neptune, ruler along with the Moon, of water, has gone into Pisces, another water regent.

One more water connection is the pagan meaning of the February Full Moon, which is called “Chaste” and related to the Chaste Mother. In his book Supernatural, Graham Hancock points out the relationship between sacred water sites and sightings of virgins, or “ladies in white”. From the standpoint of energy work, water is the element of the Divine Mother’s primordial substance from which creation emerged, related to cleansing, renewal, life and baptism. In medieval alchemy, the action of cleansing the elements to make gold from lead is symbolically called “women’s work”.

Since Chiron has been coupling with Neptune, many public issues around water have been coming to the fore. These include corporative take over of public water rights, especially  in third world countries, pollution levels that threaten ocean pH balance, and in turn the chain of life, military sonar technology that kills dolphins and whales, contamination from the Gulf spill and the radiation leaks into the Pacific following the earthquake in Japan. To what degree do humanity’s wounds to and around water reflect our relationship with our own emotional bodies? I asked a similar question in an article for Daykeeper after the Gulf explosion and spill in 2010, called Water Magic for Healing Emotions and Oceans.

As I also said at that time: Holy water is based on the ancient knowledge of the liquid element as a vehicle for sacred intent. The books of Masaru Emoto graphically confirm this property, displaying hundreds of photographs of crystals formed in water that has been frozen in containers labeled with different kinds of words. Labels like Hitler and hate produce asymmetric, unattractive crystals, while water programmed with love and gratitude freezes into beautiful patterns. Samples taken from a polluted lake in Japan produced ugly forms, until a group of people prayed at the lake’s edge, leading to new, lovely crystals.

At the present Chaste Moon we may ask: What would the Great Mother say about this? Would she stand by, passively watching her children ruin their life liquid and planet? We do have free will, but there is also Assistance. The following ceremony is designed to connect us with the help that even now flows to cleanse our emotions and the earth’s waters, activating, as it does, this element of feminine divinity within us all.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Blue candle, preferably floating
  • Natural floral incense
  • Two glasses or bottles of water per person
  • An image of Tonantzin-Guadalupe, another Virgin, or Rafael, Archangel of Water, preferably with his divine compliment, Christine

Water and emotional purification ceremony (to be done at night before retiring)

1. Light the incense, saying,

This is an offering for Tonantzin-Guadalupe (or, according to your preference, other archetypal helpers for this lunation, such as the Chaste Mother, or Rafael, Christine and the angels of healing), whose assistance I (we) in  blessing the waters of the world and my (our) own emotional nature(s), so that they manifest the pure love of spirit.

2. Light the candle, saying:

The blue waters of divine life now heals and cleanses my (our) emotional nature(s), and is released to cleanse and shield the emotional body and waterways of the planet.

3. Hold one glass of water with both hands, while saying,

I ask You, Chaste Mother (or name of other helper/s) to use this water to cleanse any toxic emotional patterns from me as I sleep, especially (name particular habits or attitudes you would release).

4. Hold the other glass as you say,

I ask you, Chaste Mother (or name of other helper/s), to fill this water with emotional attributes that empower me for the next phase of the divine plan for my happiness and success.

4. Write words that describe emotional strengths you would like to develop, such as confidence, harmony, decision, and tape or paste them on that same glass.

5. Cap the bottles or cover the glass.

7. Put out the incense and the candle.

8. The next morning, bless each glass by putting your hands first on one and then the other, repeating for each the following Water Blessing:

I connect with the Omnipresent Love of Spirit that fills this water. My attention to that Presence purifies this liquid of any energies or emotions that are unlike goodness. This water has become a vessel for Pure Love to bless and cleanse whatever it touches, neutralizing and removing any influence unlike divine good.

9. Drink half the glass with the emotional blessings, save the other half.

10. Pour the other glass down the drain.

11. Find a place to pour the remaining half glass into a waterway (sea, lake, stream), or, if there is none in your location, pour it into the ground at a park or your yard.

12. As you do this, repeat words like these:

Much as all water responds together to the Moon’s magnetism, all waters on the planet now respond to my perception of the omnipresent Good that fills them, blessing and sealing them against any negative influence or intent in the Name of Guadalupe-Tonantzin (or your favorite divine archetype) and Archangel Michael, only good can enter into and come from the world’s waters, which are purified in divine order now.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Sabian symbol for the Sun at this portal speaks of putting out fires. It’s interesting to note that for the Chinese, the elements are described according to the change they effect on and with one another. Water is known for putting out fire, and combining with earth to bring forth wood, or life. We can follow up on water magic like this by allowing the Mother to put out our personal and planetary fires, by spending a few minutes daily visualizing the river of Her love washing through our emotional bodies and the earth to cleanse and heal them. She speaks through this Moon to remind us that, whatever toxins or karma we may have accumulated, her cleansing mercy is there to wash them away and allow us to begin anew. With affirmations like these and similar ones that occur to us, we can widen the channels in our minds, allowing her message to touch our deepest nature, and through it the waters of the world.

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Janice Kalec February 7, 2012 at 11:07 pm

Thank you so much for this. A few years ago I heard Emoto speak in Santa Barbara, he taught us the water blessing ceremony: Water I love you, water I thank you, water I respect you, then repeating our own names…Janice I love you, Janice I thank you, Janice I respect you. I have been doing this ceremony every morning for the past few years often calling to mind the waters of the earth. YOU have taken this to a whole new level of beauty and meaning. I will expand my morning practice. THANK YOU!!!

Crystal February 8, 2012 at 5:14 pm

It’s great that you have that daily discipline, and exciting for me that my work is part of it now. Creative perception is a magical gift that allows us move whatever we behold up to a level where miracles becomes possible.
The angels of sublime will power shine through you and the light you share in this world, its emotions and its oceans.

John (Phylos) February 15, 2012 at 9:54 am

This month’s gift to us and our planet is one of the most beautiful and inspiring ever. As a person with sun, rising, and moon all in the three water signs, I felt the truths presented here as the spiritual miracles they truly are indeed. This was knowledge that I have within, but your words are the catalyst that brought it to my full awareness and for that, I thank you.

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