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Consciousness Exercises and Affirmative Prayers for the August New Moon Cycle
by Crystal Pomeroy

This full moon shines its light on the trickster within, that part of ourselves that is not really ourselves, but rather an illusory appendage sometimes called the ego, which could also be considered the shadow of our fallen human nature. In keeping with the energies of the New Moon cycle, now is a wonderful time to persist in applying whatever tools you have to overcome your less desirable inner habits, especially those habits that would keep you "out of love" with yourself and others--such as guilt and condemnation. As Kenneth Wapnick points out in his fascinating book, Forgiveness and Jesus, that studies the relation between Freudian psychology, Christianity and A Course in Miracles, the ego’s ploy is to make us believe that love isn’t real or justified. And, among other tools, the meditative practice of love is an excellent antidote for such illusions. At this month’s Scorpio New Moon, we suggested a series of exercises to deepen our loving relationships, particularly with ourselves. These exercises certainly remain current, as the Full Moon is within that same cycle (in force until the next New Moon on December 14).

The Full Moon itself calls for an extra dose of the commitment to love which can help us rise above the ego’s separative impulses. Not only do the strong Mars energies call for such a tempering, the Sabian symbol clearly reminds us of the need to train our conquest nature to inner objectives (see Maya’s Success Guide for November 30). The energies now can otherwise launch us into projecting our issues onto others (even more than usual), and trying to prove our points aggressively. (This has already happened to all of my close friends and associates that I have seen so far during this Full Moon window as I write.) Perhaps it will help hold any current argumentative impulses in check to remember Jung’s remark to the effect that stopping projection is something that would heal the world, if only everybody else would do it.

Any prayers done at this time may be especially lasting in their effects, as we exercise our free will to conquest our own inner realms and habits. Committing to a more compassionate outlook, or a new, positive attitude (as outlined concisely in Emmet Fox’s 7 Day Mental Diet) will open us to the Force that is with us (and that we are) to support such use of the current influences in the highest manner. Making and signing a written agreement with yourself to put Spirit first in mind, conversation and action would be another great project now. For the heartier among us, taking the leap to commit to the Buddhist Eight-fold path to enlightenment is a wonderful way to align in true conquest and victory now.

We know that Christ emphasized love above all other laws. It’s interesting to consider that Buddhism, known as a path to freedom from the weight of the ego, also has important teachings around the freeing power of love, beginning with self love! In her magical book Lovingkindness, Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg speaks of the metaphysical benefits Buddha associated with this most powerful of all emotional energies, such as:

1. Easy sleep.
2. Easy wakening.
3. Pleasant dreams.
4. People will love you.
5. Celestial beings and animals will love you.
6. Devas will protect you.
7. External dangers (poison, arms and fire) will not harm you.
8. Your face will be radiant.
9. Your mind will be serene.
10. You will die without confusion.
11. You will be born again in happy dimensions.

At this moment in history, it’s worth stressing the pacifying, harmonizing force of higher love, not only for personal awareness and conditions, but for world conditions as well. As we reject unloving, unforgiving attitudes towards ourselves and those around us, we do our part to lift the planetary vibration to a level where violence between nations can no longer be supported by the collective awareness.

It was a revelation to me to discover in Salzberg’s book, traditional Buddhist tools to attain unconditional love, including focusing on one’s own virtues. I’ve adapted the following exercises, which we have found very healing in my prayer ministry, as well as powerful to culminate the love work we began at the New Moon. It may seem disarmingly simple, but if you use it I’m sure you find it powerful.

Recommended reading for this (and any) season:

Lovingkindness, by Sharon Salzberg, (Shambala Publications).

Forgiveness and Jesus, the Meeting place of a Course in Miracles and Christianity, by Kenneth Wapnick, Phd. (Foundation for a Course in Miracles).

The Dynamic Laws of Healing, by Catherine Ponder (Devorss and Company).

The Prospering Power of Love, by Catherine Ponder (Devorss and Company).

The Shadows of Your Mind, by Rev. Tom Johnson, (Los Arboles Publications, P0B 7000-54, Redondo Beach, California, 90277)

The Scorpio New Moon altar elements and Guides remain current at this time. You might call on and/or add a picture of the Buddha, or of Tara, or of the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is the modern version of Tonantzin, Divine Mother of the Americas. She is currently at work raising the love vibration of this continent.


This exercise can be done on your own or with one or more others (it is particularly powerful the latter way). Read through it and then choose who you would like to and can do it with.

1) Write several of your own virtues. Spend a few minutes going over your list and sending yourself love. If possible, take turns sharing your virtues out loud with another, or with a group.

2) If you are with another or others, take turns telling each other what you like (if you don’t know each other well) or love (if you do) about one another. Include as many virtues and reasons for gratitude as you can think of.. Start your remarks by saying, "I like you because...............", or "I love you and I appreciate.........................". If you are alone, write these sentence beginnings directed to two or three people that you especially admire, love, and have reasons to thank them.

3) Think of one or more people you are close to you that you occasionally find irritating. If you can tell them your reasons to love them aloud, it is surprisingly healing for both. If not, write their greatest virtues, and then speak to them, as if they were present, telling them why you "love and appreciate" them. Feel the inner shift that comes as you do this exercise and your empowered inner love circuits lift your feelings towards this person to a higher level.

4) Take a few moments to observe the shift in your feelings caused by Step 3. Jot down whatever differences you observed before and after. If done with others, take turns sharing your observations.

5) At this point, you will more tangibly feel how love can be generated from within, how we can choose which feelings we emphasize towards ourselves and others, and how healing it is to focus on the good. Now, bring to mind one or more persons or groups that rub you the wrong way. Write down their name or names, and next to them, any virtues or reasons to be grateful to them that your imagination can ferret out. It helps to be creative during this process, and really look for anything you could possibly like or thank. Read over your notes, and send them your strongest love energy. (If done with others, also share this step aloud.)

6) For the next two weeks (at least), go over your notes, meditating on them and sending love to yourself and all the others in them. You can write down new virtues or people as they come into your mind.

7) For even more amazing results, do this exercise in conjunction with the meditation for this last New Moon.

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