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Crystal Pomeroy

Recent Moon Meditations:

3/14 Pisces New Moon

Virgo Full Moon; Aquarius New Moon

March Full Moon Window

by Crystal Pomeroy

During this month’s New Moon, we initiated a cycle of tapping our own intuitive channels. Now, at the Full Moon, we are ready to begin grounding our "help from the other side," by integrating our most sensitive visions into our conscious endeavors.

Now is the time to give voice to those feelings and often somewhat hazy, but inspired, sensings of our own personal direction and, especially of our visions for projects and partnerships we share—or could share—with others.

If you can share this Full Moon’s exercises with partners or collaborators in important relationships or other shared ventures, it will be particularly powerful.


To accompany your seasonally sychronized prayers and meditations:

  • We are still within the energy cycle of the Pisces New Moon earlier this month, and the Earth element can still be present as a any object from the sea, like sand, driftwood, shells, seaweed and especially coral, which is ruled by Pisces, as well as being related to Archangel Jofiel, ruler of intuition, divine intelligence and perception, as are: amber, smoky quartz, topaz, diamond, carnations, poppies, garnet and blue sapphire. Since coral is also ruled by Libra, at this Libra Full Moon, it’s presence on your altar would really be quite powerful. You may also wish to add a copper object, diamonds, quartz, any lovely jewelry, white marble or roses or lilies, as well as wood, especially a Chinese or Tibetan wood carving.

  • You may use sea Water, or put salt water or rose water, or water with drops of rose essence in a lovely vessel, particularly a shell.

  • White candles, floating candles and oil lamps are still timely symbols of Fire for this Full Moon.

  • For the Air element, you could use any kind of music that you prefer. Especially apt are: flute, harp, angelic or new age music.

You may also wish to use to use a veil, and/or white, golden yellow and/or crimson garments as you go about your Libra Full Moon ceremony.


Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing, may find them particularly easy to reach or hear from, and may choose to include any of the following:

Archangel Uriel (associated with Libra and with White Magic)
The Angel of Visionary Collaboration
The Divine Mother Within
The Pleides
(Archetype of the Soul and Intuitive faculties)
Archangel Jofiel (related to intuition, perception, divine intelligence and illumination)
Varuna (Archangel of the astral plane, Cosmic Lord of waters, related to Neptune)
The Angel of Self-Esteem
The Angel of Divine Intuition
The Angel of Self-Love
The Angel of Synchronicities
The Visionary Within
Archangel Zadquiel and Amethyst
(guardians of prayers, and of Atlantis, submerged area still in need of planetary healing that include the seas around New York and Florida)
The Divine Mother
(Originally Tonantzin—Mother of the Gods and Goddesses in Mesoamerica, Divine Mother of the Americas—expression of the Divine Love Principal which is currently working to harmonize the mental vibration of the US.)
The Angel of Planetary Healing
The Angel of Planet Earth
The Angel of the Healing of the Seas
The Christ Mind
Jesus Christ
The Buddha

If you wish to summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides, and any other beings "of the high white light alone" (a good phrase for protection when summoning spirits or guides, especially during this season), you may call on them out loud o0r in writing. You might say or write something like,

""I greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in listening to and valuing the visionary within, and daring to integrate it into the endeavors and concerns I share or will be sharing with others."


1. 1. If you haven’t already done so, please begin the intuition activator exercise from the beginning of this moon cycle (see archives for March New Moon).

2. Say the following decree aloud for at least 8 minutes:

"I invite Divine Intuition to guide me in retrieving and clearly discerning my highest vision for my endeavors. I know. I take the time to listen to what I know within, and to put it into words to share with my key or potential partners and collaborators. I’m willing to stand up for what I know."

3. In your Visionary’s Notebook, list some key projects and/or relationships in wish you sense a there may be a much bigger expression of good yet to be developed or unfolded. Perhaps you have a project pending which you have felt you must go it alone on, and there is a key person or persons who might help facilitate it. (Be very discriminating and listen keenly to your intuition on this point. Make sure that person can potentially assist you, since sharing your visions with the wrong people can be most draining, both emotionally and metaphysically speaking.)

4. Complete the following sentences, as many times as you would like to for different projects or relationships, or to get in touch with your true vision for the same ones:

In my project of ______________, if I close my eyes and listen within, I can see it going in the following direction (write here what comes to mind):

I envision the following measures in order to move this endeavor in its highest direction (write here all those measures that come to mind, both inner—such as prayer, visualization, etc.—and outer, as applicable):

In my relationship with ______________, if I close my eyes and listen within, I can see it going in the following direction (write here what comes to mind):

I envision the following measures in order to move this relationship in its highest direction (write here all those measures that come to mind, both inner—such as prayer, visualization, etc.—and outer, as applicable):

5. If you have been privileged to share this exercise with your key partner/s, share your discoveries aloud and create plans for cooperative measures.

6. If you haven’t been able to do this exercise with your key partner/s, establish your intention for sharing the content of your insights with a key person or persons, by writing something to the effect of, "I will share this vision with ___________."

7. Carry out your plan to share your vision. As you do so, bear in mind that others may also have their own intuitive impressions to share now, too, and listening is the other half of visionary collaboration. However, do not let go of what your heart tells you is necessary, visionary and right! Great ideas take some fighting for, and standing up for the Divine Dreamer in you is a vital step in strengthening its voice and your own highest reason for being on this planet at this time. Complete the entire visionary cycle as outlined for the March New Moon, at least until the April New Moon, when we will be starting a new cycle of prayers here at Daykeeper.

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