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Crystal Pomeroy

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March Virgo Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

All the Pisces influences outlined by Maya for February and March culminate at this month’s Full Moon, immersed in Virgo’s analytic and grounding abilities. Furthermore, the Sabian Symbol associated with the degree of this Full Moon, points dramatically to "THE POWER OF THE WILL—divine, executively human, or Satanic."

This energy portal highlights the intense power of free will, as we are supported in applying ours with conscious choice for peace and life—and simultaneously reminded of the danger of postponing our most important inner and outer initiatives for peace, which would leave us open to the strong will against such choices being exerted by others.

Someone said that those promoting a world-wide dictatorship (of which process Iraq represents one link in the chain) "underestimate the power of the human spirit." The tendencies in global events of the last two months confirm this, as worldwide prayers and actions seem to be stacking up the dominoes in the line for peace. However, the most intense exercise of free will is ahead of us. Stopping the attack on Iraq is just the tip of the iceberg of releasing political systems from the last-gasp grip of imperialism, and what’s even more important, releasing our inner beings from the weight of spiritual gravity.

Maya describes the focus of March’s stellar energies on eliminating those images which are not creating what we desire. The two keys for our inner work at this Full Moon can be called right-imagination and will-power. Both are alluded to in the definition shared by John Randolph Price in his book, The Jesus Code. "Will is...a power applied universally and individually as a force for goodwill."

I propose a term to sum up the "executively human" and "divine" wills mentioned by the current Sabian symbol: goodwill power.

In world events, goodwill would of course include peace and respect among nations. Metaphysically, conditions affecting the masses reflect the patterns held in the collective mind. Many of us disagree with the huge investment of resources in attacking Iraq and other vulnerable peoples (and ecosystems) around the globe. To what extent are we willing to apply our goodwill power to counter those efforts by strategizing and striving for peace?

A demonstrator’s sign in last week’s news pleaded, "Pre-emptive strike for peace." There is a power which can detonate the peace process, and which no expression of lower or negative will power can counteract. Converting our most intimate attitudes and perceptions to unconditionally love may require more goodwill power than any other singular activity, but they may also make crucial difference to make all other intentions and efforts for inner and outer peace effective.

The entrenched interests for war and destruction may be the outpicturing of our collective entrenchment in non-loving ways of perceiving. Affirmative prayer and meditation for love is a laser application of goodwill whose supernatural magic can burn through and neutralize the most advanced technology to destroy that will ever exist. Let’s apply it NOW, when, as Maya has reminded us, EVERYTHING BENDS TO THE POWER OF THE WILL.


1. Light a white and/or pale-blue candle and your favorite incense.

2. Call on your favorite guides, along with "the Divine Mother in the fullness of her light, and all beings currently at work for inner and outer peace on Earth."

3. Write the names of whoever you find irritating or less-than loving, including those you know personally, as well as public figures.

4. While looking at the names on your list, repeat the following words from your heart, during 15 minutes or more, as necessary to feel the fullness of unconditional goodwill for all in your heart:

It is Divine Love’s will that all creatures be free to live and to thrive forever. I apply my goodwill power to truly desiring freedom and happiness for all, including you.

5. Then repeat the following decree for at least five minutes:

The goodwill power I’m applying in my heart, fortifies the love that connects all inhabitants of Earth at this time. Our shared love encircles the planet with victorious, harmonizing power, which precipitates world peace and happiness now.

6. For at three minutes, visualize the globe floating in the space before you (in the middle of your circle, if praying with a group).

7. Surround the globe you’re visualizing with light, as you close your prayers with the following decree, at least three times:

In the Name of the Unlimited Power for goodwill in me, I unleash a victory of love, peace and freedom for all creatures in all parts of the world now.

Repeat the above daily throughout the remainder of this Moon Cycle.

There are those who seem to have their will and images set on a pre-emptive strike for war. (If you can call an attack by the strong on the weak "war".) Remember the demonstrator’s sign, "Pre-emptive peace." The implications run deep, as we consider that each one of us has a magical power within to bring about an effective first strike for harmony- in our own minds, relationships and yes, even on a worldwide level.

Though this potential is lovely, developing it requires a new, extremely challenging kind of activism; a new way of understanding our relationships—not from the standpoint of what we can get out of them, but of how we can apply our free to elevate them to the frequency of peace.

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