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Crystal Pomeroy

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Easter New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

The lunation which accompanies this Easter’s weekend portal invites us to discover the power of love, which truly can resurrect whatever potential good that may seem lost, good that includes whatever happiness, health, abundance or grace you may be mourning over.

Before we see just how we can access this lunation’s potential, let’s consider the ancient teachings about the traditions for the season, which was one of the high points of the pagan year’s wheel, celebrated as the New Year in some cultures.

As I said in a previous Daykeeper piece: “Easter (originally Ostara) is not about payment of humanity’s sins, or in any other way related to guilt, as can be seen when we examine its earliest known roots in pagan myths of a god that died only to return three days later. Upon resurrection he embraced his female counterpart, who then shared the joy of love’s victory in Spring’s exuberant fertility...”.

If it’s not about guilt, then what does this celebration of seasonal energy have to do with Christian symbolism? Metaphysics interprets the crucifixion as the conquest of the lower self. The Full Moon as described by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide now opens a dharma flow of transformation through spiritual love. We can make the most of this gift by training our lower instincts into a vibration of alchemical kindness, and in doing so, accompany the Christ in spirit, as well as other great masters who have opened new paradigms for us all on their thorny but victorious path of self-dominion.

Alchemical kindness is an energy we generate when we are able to surpass the tendency to smile only on those we find likable. It is going beyond our natural reactions, to develop a supernatural response of love for absolutely all, including those we find undesirable or even hateful. Since there seem to be an over-abundance of odious characters in the current world scenario, we need adaptive methods—like those suggested below—to remain in the supernatural vibration in consciousness, which happens to be the key to supernatural results in all of our projects and concerns. (Darn, I convinced myself again!) Those sincere efforts we make to love beyond our natural limits will also generate rays of goodness most needed in the current planetary dynamic.

Angels & related allies for the Easter Full Moon portal

Synchronize your space by using pink flowers and candles. As you light them and/or rose incense, know that they are an offering for Chamuel, Archangel of Divine Love, and very much connected with the Venus/Neptune energies described by Maya. Ask Chamuel, and his feminine counterpart, Love, to assist you in discovering the resurrecting power of love.

Affirmation for the Easter Full Moon

Positive prayer means emphasizing the joyful patterns which lie latent in our minds, whose great creative influence can then generate the corresponding results within our beings and without, in the fruit of our faith we reap in objective results. The following treatment has been designed to connect us with the highest vibration that is currently available.

I connect with the warm, radiant light of love in my heart. I allow this energy to embrace my lovable self, and then I send its rays to all others. There is no need to force the love vibration, even as I recall people who seem difficult or impossible to love. Rather than forcing it, I discover the love in me, connecting with my latent feelings of good will, compassion, or simply moral release, despite whatever they seem to have done. Divine love is healing my perception, my affairs (mention any specific one to be blessed) and the entire world. I invite the Christ heart to resurrect the good in me and through me now.

Repeat words like these slowly, during at least 20 minutes now and daily in Holy Moon Portal, at least through Easter Sunday, and preferably each day until the next New Moon. Make sure you radiate to those who most bother you, and work to free them until the feeling lightens up. Make sure you refrain from any unkind comments toward or about others in this period. Such work will allow you to begin to savor the fruits of resurrection. You can choose your own follow-up from then on.

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